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radiant FUSION

The Ultimate Hair Transformation!

Elevate your hair game with “Radiant Fusion,” our signature service that combines the artistry of balayage, the precision of foils, and the perfect finishing touch of toner. This luxurious treatment is designed to create a breathtaking blend of colour that radiates natural beauty and sophistication.

What is Radiant Fusion?

“Radiant Fusion” is a premium hair colouring service that merges three advanced techniques to achieve a seamless, multidimensional look:

Balayage: Hand-painted highlights are strategically applied to create a sun-kissed, natural gradient that enhances your hair’s movement and texture.

Half Head of Foils: Precision foiling adds depth and contrast, ensuring a balanced and uniform lightening effect throughout the top sections of your hair.

Toner: A customised toner is used to refine the colour, neutralize unwanted tones, and enhance the overall shine and vibrancy of your hair.

For the month of July this
exceptional experience is only:


RRP is usually $515.00


06 877 8098

to reserve your experience.

Why choose radiant FUSION

for your hair transformation experience?

Natural Elegance: The balayage technique creates a soft, natural transition from root to tip, mimicking how hair naturally lightens in the sun.

Dimensional Depth: Adding foils provides strategic highlights that add depth and dimension, making your hair look fuller and more dynamic.

Customised Perfection: The toner ensures your colour is tailored to perfection, enhancing the final result with a glossy, polished finish.

Low Maintenance: With a seamless blend and natural regrowth, “Radiant Fusion” allows for longer intervals between touch-ups, making it perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Transform your look with “Radiant Fusion” and step into a world of radiant, head-turning beauty. Book your appointment today and experience the premium in hair colour sophistication!


06 877 8098

to reserve your experience.

Terms and Conditions Apply. 1. Promotions run through to the end of July 2024. 2. Bookings must be made by either giving us a call, sending us a message or dropping into the salon. 3. Bookings can not be made online. 4. Bookings can only be with Kylie or Cherie. 5.  We reserve the right to amend the pricing if your hair is longer and denser than what is considered normal, and we will discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.


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