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seamless BLEND

The Ultimate Hair Colour Experience!

Are you looking for a hair transformation that offers natural depth, dimension, and a soft, effortless transition from roots to tips?

Our “Seamless Blend” experience combines the best of both worlds: root smudge and foils, to deliver a stunning, low-maintenance look that grows out gracefully.

What is “Seamless Blend”?

“Seamless Blend” is an innovative hair colouring technique where we expertly combine root smudging with precision foiling.

First, we apply foils to create luminous highlights, lifting your hair colour to the perfect shade.

Then, we seamlessly blend your natural root colour into the highlighted sections using our root smudge technique.

The result? A beautifully natural, shadowed root that transitions flawlessly into vibrant, multi-dimensional highlights.

For the month of July this
exceptional experience is only:


RRP is usually $390.00


06 877 8098

to reserve your spot.

Why choose seamless BLEND

for your hair transformation experience?

Natural Look: Enjoy a soft, lived-in look with natural depth and dimension.

Low Maintenance: The seamless transition from root to highlight means less noticeable regrowth and fewer touch-ups.

Customizable: Tailored to your unique hair color and desired outcome for a perfect, personalized look.

Effortless Style: Achieve salon-quality hair with minimal daily effort.

Transform your hair with “Seamless Blend” and experience the beauty of perfectly blended, naturally radiant hair. Book your appointment today and step out with confidence and style!


06 877 8098

to reserve your experience.

Terms and Conditions Apply. 1. Promotions run through to the end of July 2024. 2. Bookings must be made by either giving us a call, sending us a message or dropping into the salon. 3. Bookings can not be made online. 4. Bookings can only be with Kylie or Cherie. 5.  We reserve the right to amend the pricing if your hair is longer and denser than what is considered normal, and we will discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.


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