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Taking Care of Ourselves

We all get busy, and when we get overwhelmed with life, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves as well and as often as we should. The team at Milton Andrews and Mr. Andrews is no different, the apprentices are busy learning, the stylists and barbers are flat out clipping, cutting and colouring. So to ensure our own team looks after themselves, we asked them what we could do to help them live better healthier lives. For our apprentices, Megan and Keegan, a gym membership and some gym gear was all it took to encourage them to be active in healthier living. Ensuring our team are happy, healthy and thriving, ensures they are at their best for you our clients. As Milton puts it, “ A burnt-out hairdresser is no good for anyone!” Enjoy the gym time guys and for the rest of us let's try to make our own health and well being a priority. Why? Because we deserve it!

Milton & Stu.


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