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Curls just want to have fun!

Aluram -The Perfect Match for your Curls.

We all look forward to wash day, but finding shampoos and conditioners that work with our curls can be a task right.

What works for your favourite online influencer might not be the right fit for you, no matter how much they tell you it’s life changing.

That’s why we love the Aluram Curl Clean Beauty Collection of Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Foam and Curl Cream.

Here’s what Aluram say about their bespoke range.

“Calling all curly q’s! This Curl Combo is for you! Our curl shampoo washes away impurities, leaving frizz-free & healthier looking curls. The curl conditioner softens and detangles unmanageable, frizzy curls while restoring a lustrous shine! Both of these products are lightweight formulas that help restore and smooth curls without weighing hair down. Prickly Pear is a standout ingredient in these products to help give elasticity & shine, giving your curls more definition and less frizz! If you want healthy, bouncy curls... this regime should be your staple!”

Curl Shampoo & Curl Conditioner for medium to coarse hair

  • washes away impurities, leaving frizz-free & healthier looking curls

  • softens & detangles unmanageable, frizzy curls

  • restores a lustrous shine

  • lightweight formula that helps restore & smooths curls without weighing hair down

Curl Cream for medium to coarse hair

  • deeply nourishes hair to reveal shiny, sleek, and bouncy curls & waves

  • non-greasy & non-hardening formula for tamed & touchable curls

  • defines & enhances natural curl texture with a gentle, yet controlled hold

  • encourages curl separation

Curl Foam for all hair types

  • for effortless styling options for natural, flowy waves & curls

  • shapes & tames curls while providing hold for hours

  • lightweight & leaves no film on hair to keep curls bouncy, soft, & controlled perfect for managing the frizz in humid conditions while sealing in moisture

And you can feel great about using Aluram Clean Beauty as its:


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