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7 Haircare Tips For Cooler Days

We all enjoy changing seasons, but sometimes we forget our hair still needs care.

Seven practical tips to help you beat the chill

1. If you have dry hair, how about washing it less but using better-quality products.

2. Always dry your hair. Use a lower heat setting. This may take a little bit longer to dry your hair as it helps protect your hair's integrity.

3. Wear a hat. None of us like getting sunburnt, wet, or cold. Neither does your hair.

4. Moisturise your dry winter hair by Maintaining healthy moisture levels in your hair.

 5. Treat dry hair with finishing oil in winter.

6. Eliminate flyways. Anti-frizz products can help with this, as can excellent styling products. Remember, less is more.

7. Split ends. Look after those split end. For example, don’t extend your hair appointments in the winter; this will help you care for your health.


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